About Agracel Rail

Our Mission

Agracel Rail is committed to being the safest and most innovative rail and transportation services company in North America, developing sustainable supply chain solutions that support long term value for our customers and the communities we serve by combining our core shortline rail expertise with our unique industrial development and real estate capabilities.

Our Story

Agracel Rail Holdings formed in 2020 with the mission of ex­panding the industrial portfolio of Agracel,Inc. and building upon the prior successful shortline startups of Effingham Railroad and Illinois Western Railroad. Agracel, Inc. saw the opportuni­ty to combine expertise in indus­trial development and shortline railroad operations to launch a robust shortline railroad platform to pursue additional shortline de­velopment opportunities.

Agracel Rail Holdings is a shortline railroad and transportation services holding company focused on delivering sustainable supply chain and industrial development solutions to the customers and communities we serve. Our long-term partnership with the Lawrence Economic Development Corporation in South Point, OH was our ownership team’s first shortline under the newly formed Agracel Rail Holdings platform. With several decades of success developing shortlines such as the Effingham Railroad in Effingham, IL, and industrial facilities in some of the fastest-growing tertiary markets in the United States, the ownership team at Agracel Rail has proven their success with other similar startup railroads prior to the South Point & Ohio Railroad.

Agracel, Inc. is the premier provider of development services to secondary markets. Founded in 1986, Agracel, Inc. facilitates and retains manufacturing jobs and provides development services to rural communities in over 20 states across the United States. Agracel launched its first shortline in 1999.

Our Culture

We believe safety, outstanding people, and customer-driven service solutions are the keys to our success. Our dedication to building a safe environment for our experienced team, our customers and communities to grow is supported by a company focus on safely delivering efficient service to our customers and communities each and every day.

The team at Agracel Rail has developed an excellent reputation of relentless focus on providing safe, efficient, innovative service solutions to the customers and the communities we serve. We conduct business activities with integrity, fairness, and in accordance with the highest ethical and safety standards.

Our Leadership
Dean Bingham

Dean Bingham

Chief Executive Officer

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Scott Lurkins

Scott Lurkins


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Are you looking for a rail-connected expansion site? The shortline rail expertise of Agracel Rail, combined with the industrial development capabilities of Agracel, Inc can help find the right solution for your company.

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